10 Annoying Facts About Co-cyclists That Will Turn You Off

Every cyclist enthusiast loves to ride the bike, but it often happens that our enthusiasm for the bike riding may turn into irritation eccentricities. It can happen with any of the cyclists and most of the time group rides can be irritating. No matter whether your co-cyclist is talking to you or demanding anything again and again or putting disc brakes since and then might irritate any of the co-cyclists.

Although cycling in a group is full of fun, excitement and occasionally frustrating.

Here we will discuss all those irritating factors that can happen while riding in a group that can result in discomfort and might turn you off. Let’s have a look at them:

1. The One Who Always Have an Excuse

excuse by pro cyclist

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This is not only seen in the cycling group, but it can be seen in every type of group. There is always a single one or more in the cycling group that went too hard a day before the cycling expedition was planned. They might get heavily drunk last night or was busy with some other works or might not have slept well at the last night.

These kinds of people are always putting on the excuses that they are tired, or they are not feeling good. This type of co-cyclists always drills the ride. These type of co-cyclists must be ignored as they are the real turn offs for the group.

2. The One with the New Gears and Other with the Old

There is always a one in the group who changes his bike and gear every season. When he rides with you and brag about his latest gears will surely react as a turn-off. He will make you the question about your own setup and gears which will pisses you off. Then there is another that is still having his own very old bike and gear.

No matter whether the bike is old and is outdated but still he will beat you down at every climb and track. These ones can also react as a turn off for you. No matter what they do to you, you should always ignore them and enjoy your rides.

3. The One who is always counting the Time

These types of riders are so strict about the schedule. They are always counting minutes by minutes so that they could finish and plan further of their day. They will keep on irritating you that “how much more to go?” or “how many minutes more to ride?”

They always pretend to be adventurous and professional but in real they are riding just for the sake of showing off, that they can ride. This type of people will surely be a turn off for the whole group. So it is suggested not to take them along.

4. The One who is always Desperate to Stay Ahead

If you have women riding along in the group, then you will find that there is one in the group that will not let them cross. This type of desperate co-cyclist will do anything to stay ahead of the women. They can even fake the machine problem or can pull off the road. These types of cyclists are very irritating and are a turn off for the whole group.

5. The One who Always Keeps on Pushing the Pace of the Group

This kind of irritating is also denoted as the half-wheeler. These over enthusiast cyclist will keep on pushing the pace of the group rides. It especially happens when a woman is riding along the group. They always wanted to stay just inches ahead so that the pace could be fastened up.

They will also show off in front of women that they are superior to them thus proving a turn-off for the group. This will make the ride unenjoyable for everyone in the group.

6. The One who is always Unprepared for the Ride

unprepared cyclist

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These type of bicyclists show endless enthusiasm for riding, but they are always unprepared. At the day of the ride, they may get flat tyres, or forgot their toolkit or will ask for the extra tube. They are so busy riding all other days that they tend to forget the amenities and accessories needed for the day of riding along. Everyone should prepare first for the health of their bicycle, and these are real turn offs.

7. The One with the Bullet Speed

Riding fast is great, but that doesn’t mean that they should ride fast every time. These Cat 6 racers are irritating as they turn every ride into a race. If you are out for the enjoy, then these racers will surely spoil the fun. They will go lightening fast and turns every ride into a race.

8. The Socially Addict Riders

These types of cyclists are socially addicted. They want to capture and broadcast every single moment of this unforgettable ride. They will post enormous photos every single minute with thousands of hashtags about the bikes and all other stuff that they prove to be real irritating. They want to take a selfie at every nook and corner as they have to post it. Then they will tag you. These are special turn offs for a group ride.

9. The Talking Parrot

These types of riders have an unbeatable capacity of talking. They have so much to talk about that they seem like never ending the conversation. Either you want to talk to them or not, but they will talk to you. It will not only spoil the fun, but you won’t be able to focus on track. So, it is better not to take them along.

10. The One who helps a Lot

These persons are always ready to help whether you want or not. They will keep on giving tips and will continuously keep on asking that “whether you want any help?” this kind of riders feels like they are a coach to you. They are so irritating that they end up in pissing you off. So stay away from them.


These are the top 10 turnoffs in a group ride. You also keep these things in mind so that you should not be irritating your co-rider. If you want to know more comment below.

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