How To Acquire Success In Time Trial Bicycling Training?

A time trial is a bicycle race on the road, cyclist race alone but against the clock, and not any other cyclist, it can be done on flat or rolling land, or up a mountain road. Time trial racing is also known as “the race of truth.” In the race of truth, race wins only by his riding strength, and patience, any other source of assistance can’t be used.

The starting sequence is based on the finishing times in previous races when the multi-stage race happened. This starting technique allows the racer to know what time they need to beat or what is the main time aim, so this makes the race more interesting to the audience. Competitors can’t be ride behind each other; also, any type of help is not allowed, the rider who covers the distance in a minimum time are declared the winner.

Time Trial Equipment

time trial equipment

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During the time trialing, aerodynamic time trial bicycles, suitable clothing, helmets, aero bars and other equipment are used. The main aim of the equipment is to allow the racer to set him in aerodynamic position as much as possible. The rider’s pose makes the greatest difference in order to win the race. Tri bars are used in these races so the rider can pose his arms according to the wind flow wind and it allows his back to sit very much low and flat.

Time Trial Mistakes that Should be Avoided

1. Starting to Hard

In the time trial, this is considered as the most common mistake that riders make; this causes a major amount of time loss. Don’t effort too much for the starting moments of the race, if you do you will feel fatigue early in the race, and this will give you decrement in the speed. So, if you really want to hit your goal, start gradually and then make speed with the time.

2. Avoiding Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

It is the exercise intensity at which lactate starts to build up in the bloodstream. When this threshold level is crossed by the runner, fatigue starts to increase. For The experienced runners, it occurs at 90% of their maximum heart rate and between 10k, but for average runners, this occurs below 90%. You should really test out the Threshold Rate to ensure you are ready to go.

3. Making Changes

Don’t make changes in the pose and equipment. Always use the same position and equipment as you have used in your training. If any change is necessary, don’t make it too close to the race day.

4. Alteration in Pace

When you are racing, it’s not the time to lower or higher the pace; it will be better if you do not experiment with this. The pace should be same as you are familiar with or that you have done in your training.

5. Not Using the Technology

A Racer should always bring the use of technology and tools such as Power meters, heart rate monitors, and cycling computers; these give feedback about our performance. Use the technology and Learn from your results, catch your performance absence.

6. Become a Better Time Trialist

For a racer, winning the race of truth is an eternal happiness; because winning this race means you were the master on the clock, and you controlled your pace, make strategies better than the others.

Here we have come with some great tactics on becoming a great time trialist:

complete trial training

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1. Complete Trial Training

To start as a time trialist, you need to get training to prepare your mind and body for the events. You have to practice as much as possible, be familiar and comfortable with your position and all the equipment; these things promote the fastest speed.

Mini time trials are the best trials; there are 3 time periods that are 15-minute, 6-minute and 2- minute, and you should start giving efforts to all these three time periods.

2. Practice Hard before the Final Day

This main key is practicing before the final time trial to test out your legs to a certain extent. The more efforts you give your practice, the more it will ease the final race. You should perform some hard intervals of 12-15 minute, 2-minute with your maximum pace.

Keep yourself hydrated during practicing and consume plenty of carbohydrates.

In the same way, warm-up year body on the day of the event, to get good performance, prepare your body and make hard efforts, be there at least 2 hours earlier. In the whole thing, your goal is to warm-up your system to get into the rhythm immediately.

3. Do Focus

The main aspect to achieving your best performance, focus on your legs strength, keep the legs strong and consistent. Don’t car bout the pain and let the calories burn for the entire race. Keep your breathing power strong; you can repeat a positive statement that will help you continue the race with full strength. Don’t overdo at beginning and leave nothing at the end. Keep yourself hydrated in this whole racing thing.

4. Final Miles

This is very much essential as you have to put your entire power to win the race. In the final miles, keep your swiftness continue as high as possible. Gradually bringing your speed helps to put it at higher notch throughout the final miles. Don’t stop picking up your legs’ power; don’t think anything, go faster and cross the final line. After the race, cool- down yourself, get the acid out to keep yourself from the discomfort the next day. Consume recovery drinks immediately after cooling down.

5. Ger Proper Diet

Before getting in the race, you need to consume light foods that are easy to digest and don’t make you drowsy. Foods with high carbohydrates are very advantageous; Make sure to take them 2-3 hours earlier before the TT time. While getting you warm up, sipping a carbohydrate drink will be good, it allows you to give a better ride than other riders.

6. Be Confident

A trial time is not just about winning the race; it is about learning the things a bit better, a bit clearer. On the day of the event, you know that it is not going to be an easy day, but don’t ever lose hope, be confident, believe in yourself, give your maximum efforts in the race and Put your marks in the race. It is okay if you lose that day, you will get a lot of great things to learn, new experiences, confidence and techniques that will help you to improve upon next time.

Don’t afraid of the time trial thing because you can’t judge yourself until you get across that crossing line and only then you can see what you have got from all these days of training. Always enjoy the experience, invest a lot of time in practicing, and recognize the aerodynamics and all the essential things.

7. Know the Aerodynamics


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It is the main thing that makes you win the race; the aero is about the position of the rider and specifications of the bike. You have to setup your head in a lower position from the front and your body up, put your elbows in, round off your shoulders and ride long the wind. We all know it feels a bit uncomfortable at first but after a training of two weeks, you will get used to it.

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