How To Avoid Tyre Punctures When Riding Bicycle?

Going out for cycling with friends is an adventurous and exciting activity. There are many cycling enthusiasts who plan a ride every weekend with their friends and family. But punctures or flat tyres is the worst nightmare while riding a bicycle. If you go on regular rides, then flat tires are nearly unavoidable.

Many of us are tired of changing bike tires now and then. If you are having lots of flats then there are many simple things that you can follow to reduce the frequency of tyre punctures while riding your bicycle.

Some of the simple steps are listed below:

1. You Should Pay Attention to Your Tires on a Regular Basis

If you prefer to take bicycle rides rather than walking to long distances then paying attention to bicycle tires is a great thing to do. Always prefer to inspect them at regular basis after every ride. You should always repair and replace the damaged tires.

Make a hobby to inflate them properly before going for a ride with friends and family. Make it a hobby to keep air in tires and your feet on pedals. All this simple things of paying attention to your tires will certainly reduce the frequency of frequent punctures.


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2. You Should Always Take Care of the Shiny Stuff on the Road

When you are riding on the road, always take care of the debris deposited on the sides. You should always ignore to ride on the debris as much as you can. This debris is usually deposited at the sides of the pathways.

This debris is full of small glass, wires, nails, sharp rocks, etc. All of these materials are responsible for flat tyres. Nobody wants to ride over the debris and neither has you wanted to ride. So always take off the shiny stuff on the road to avoid tire punctures.

3. Rub Away the Shiny Stuff that has been stuck to Your Tyres

If you have moved over the debris without noticing it then get off your seat and rub the tyres with your gloves. This is the most important thing to do. You should spin your tires fast with hands and remove all of the debris that might have embedded on the surface of the tyres. Most of the time this debris causes punctures if they kept embedded while riding.

The safest way to remove debris is spin fast and keep your hand in the direction of the moment of the tires so that those sharp materials couldn’t cause any harm to your fingers. Once you have removed the debris then again check the surface of the tires and remove any of the material that you see which can cause a puncture.

4. You Should Always Check Your Tires after Every Ride You Take

You can also reduce the frequency of punctures by checking your tyres thoroughly after every ride you take.

  1. Checking after the ride is the most ignored thing that a cyclist will do because they are tired of the ride but believe us; it will just take few minutes.
  2. Checking the tyres thoroughly after the ride will ensure that your next ride will be hassle free.

For thorough checking:

  • Invert your bike in a good lightening and spin the tires slowly.
  • You should look after every tiny embedded object and remove it instantly.
  • You should also check for the damages that might have caused during the ride like cracks, cuts or punctures on the sides as well as top of the tyre surfaces.
  • If there is any damage then cure it immediately.

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5. You Should Patch those Minor Cuts that You Recently Found on Your Tyres

If you found any cut or puncture at your tyre surface then remove the embedded debris instantly. You need to seal the hole with the help of super glue or shoe goo. Try to place the adhesive deep inside the hole if you can. Now let the air out of the tire and again pump it full.

This will help set the seal in the crack or the hole effectively. This will surely help you against the further problems that might be able to come. If the cut or crack is not repairable then you might need to change the tire. Now this will also gives you the chance to get a better puncture resistant tyre which we will discuss later in this article.

6. You Can Also Try the Double Tire Method

This is a method which will certainly help you in getting lesser punctures and adding protection to your tires. With this procedure, you will double the lining of the tires. It certainly adds a little extra weight to your bike but it is the real-time protection for your tires.

  • For doubling the lining you need to get some extra, old and unusable tyres.
  • You need to cut the sides of the 23 cm wide tyres.
  • If you don’t have an extra old tyre then you can easily get it from the local bike shop as they have plenty of it.
  • Now cut the sides of these tires and get the part which actually touches the surface of the road.
  • Place this piece of hard rubber in between the tube and tyre.
  • Now inflate them again. Your double tyre is ready to hit the road again.

This will protect you from many types of small debris and will lesser the amount of punctures.

7. You can also Use Tire Liners to Double the Lining

Instead of cutting the old tyre you can also purchase these tire liners that are available in the market. These tire liners are specifically designed for this purpose. These tyre liners work just the same as adding an extra liner will do. This will increase the thickness of the tires and will sufficiently protect your tires from cuts and punctures.

8. Buying Puncture Resistant Tyres

If you want to buy a new pair of tyres then you can choose puncture resistant tyres. These days variety of puncture resistant tyres is available that you can choose among and have a puncture free ride.


These are some of the tips that will provide you protection from punctures. For more queries and details you can use our comment box below.

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