The Basics Of Bicycling In The USA: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

A place full of snow does not give a chance to ride a bicycle on a road but during the spring time, it surely does. Springtime is the best time to learn cycling. Cycling is the best activity one can find. Any age group can learn it. At beginning certainly it looks scary but after learning it, cycling is exciting.

Are you ready to step into the road with your bicycle? Here are some tips for beginners who have made their minds to ride their bicycle on roads.

The first thing you will need on roads is your bicycle which should be in good condition and well-maintained. These are few tips you should keep in mind while deciding whether your bicycle is in good condition or not.

Height of Bicycle’s Seat


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Before riding the bicycle, you need to make sure that your seat is comfortable and tall enough. Sometimes taller seat causes back pain. To get rid of this problem, you can adjust the height of the seat. Every bicycle possesses that feature in it. Seats are adjustable. You can move it up or down according to your requirement.

Condition of Brakes of Bicycle

When you are riding a bicycle, brakes are very important. It controls your speed, and you can stop your bicycle at any moment you want. Whenever you ride your bicycle, it is very necessary that you check your brakes. It should not be too much tight.

Keep it a little bit loose and check its response every time you ride. It holds the power to control your bicycle wherever you ride so no one should underrate the importance of brakes in a bicycle. Always try to use brake for rear tire first and avoid using brake for front tire because it increases the risk for unbalancing of the bicycle.

Air-Pressure in Tires

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If you want to ride a bicycle smoothly which is very important when you are doing it for the first time, then you need to take care of few things. Balancing of the bicycle is very important. It can be obtained by filling the proper air in your tires. You need to keep one thing in mind that right amount of pressure in tires is essential.

Do Proper Oiling in Chains

Most of the times, accidents occur due to the slip of chain while pedalling. To avoid that cause for the accident, you should do proper oiling in chain whether it is grease or silicon spray.

One more thing every beginner should keep in mind is to save their feet messing with chain.

Protect your Bicycle by Locking it Properly

No one wants to lose their bicycle on roads. Whenever you go to buy your new bicycle, make sure that your bicycle possesses a good quality lock.

Gear Up

Bicycling requires a certain type of clothes and safety guards. You should always wear shorts while riding bicycling because it provides a comfortable movement of your legs during pedalling. Always wear elbow and knee pads.

Do Not Forget to Wear your Helmet

Who wants to hit their head onThe bicycle street while riding bicycling? That would be the worst thing which can happen to you. Never leave your helmet at home. Always wear it while riding. Its aerodynamic design will help you to go smoothly.

Avoid Earphones

Most of the riders want to enjoy nature while riding a bicycle but it is not advisable for any cyclist. Your eyes probably help you to have an enough look to judge traffic and other obstacles, but it cannot help you to see everything. Ears can help you out with that problem. You can estimate things coming near to you or moving around.

Notice Everything around You while Riding

You will face various obstacles on your way. It can be piles of trash, hurdles, small puddles, speed breakers, small kittens and puppies, and other vehicles. You have to get ready to tackle those unexpected barriers. One should drive slow enough that one can stop their bicycle in time and avoid accidents.

Map your Route


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Before starting your journey, you should plan your route so that you would not meet any dead end and you can pick the shortest path to your destination.

Look for Doors while Driving

When you are riding your bicycle on the right side of the road, then you should look for cars which are already parked. When you are passing by it, be aware because anyone who is sitting inside may open the door and you may end up hitting a car. It can lead to some serious injuries so it would be much preferable if you avoid it.

Look Out for Heavier Vehicles

While you are riding, do not get frightened by heavy vehicles which are crossing your way. They will surely not let you meet any accidents, but you should be aware of their movements. Take care of your bicycle so that you will not scramble with heavy vehicles.

Slow Down where You Cannot Find Any Space to Go

Bicycle is the smallest vehicle which runs on roads. You should never forget that other vehicles need more space on roads. Sometimes that happens when you cannot find your way in between two vehicles. At those moments, instead of rushing into them you should slow down your bicycle and wait till you find your space to proceed.

You Have to Shout when It is Necessary

Although bicycles have their horns or bells, sometimes they are not audible in heavy traffic. At that time, you should shout out loud. It will not guarantee, but at least sometimes you will catch someone’s attention before you hit their vehicles. As a cyclist, you should always give priority to pedestrians. Their safety is your responsibility.

Obey the Rules

Those who are afraid of driving tests, cycling is the best option for them to travel and explore new places. Though you do not need driving licence, you are not spared from obeying driving rules. There are certain rules which you must follow on roads. It is not for your safety only but also for those who are driving on the same road. Do not interrupt others who are driving. Keep your driving predictable so that others can easily recognize what you are going to do and they can take actions accordingly.

Keep Calm and Just Ride Smoothly

Traffic on roads makes your ride scary. It brings anxiety but just a few precautions can make it much easier and enjoyable. Cycling is the best activity to keep you healthy and fit.

These things are acceptable if you try it out while riding your bicycle.

You can ride at your speed. It is perfectly alright if you go slow and enjoy your ride.

  • If you find traffic, and you are supposed to cross your bicycle then get off your bicycle, angle it and take it to the other side of the road.
  • If you find your way little bit steep, and you cannot ride it easily, then you can take the zigzag path. It will help you to increase the distance, and it balances your bicycle.


I hope that above mentioned information for “The Basics of Bicycling in the USA: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide” will help you. You should never force yourself for cycling but keeping benefits of cycling in your mind, you can always encourage yourself and everyone else around you regardless of age.

This can always help you to put a break on your medication.  Do you have some suggestions? Mention them below in comment box and let us know your reviews. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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