Benefits You Can Enjoy By Taking A Bicycle To Work Everyday

Bicycling, also known as cycling or biking, is performed using a bicycle for transport, exercise, sport or a recreational purpose. You will be called as a cyclist or a biker if you ride the bicycle. Isn’t that cool? No wonder why it is very efficient and effective mode of transportation. It is best suited for short to moderate distances.

Everyone is somewhat aware of the health benefits of bicycling. But, did you know that how bicycling can change and improve your life drastically? Are you aware of the extra benefits that come along with cycling?

Riding a bicycle is a fun, healthy and effective form of exercise for ages. The most amazing thing about cycling to work is that you can do it even while commuting, especially to your workplace. Here, I have listed few benefits of riding a bicycle to work every day.

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Fun, Fun and More Fun

Fun is obvious as cycling has been the fun and frolic activity since childhood. We all loved bicycling for hours. It is like reliving those moments again. Cycling is definitely the best way to rewind and recall those amazing moments and have fun without spending extra time from your routine, as you are going to your workplace after all. Bicycling is plain, simple and fun.

You can witness the early morning surrounding, observe people all around listen to nature and wave at strangers while you ride to your workplace. It is surely a great fun to have before starting your office hours.

Be Fit, Stay Fit

Here is the most popular benefit of cycling. People see cycling as an exercise as they grow up. But as discussed before it is a lot of fun, if we see it from our old perspective. Being fit is the extra benefit that we will get with the fun. You will be burning lot of calories.

A number of calories burnt will vary depending on the speed of each person. But you will be surely toning your legs and shape your belly while commuting to your office. Cycling also burns as many calories as any other exercise also at lesser negative impacts on the joints. You not only become fitter but also stay fit by regularly traveling to the office on your bicycle.

Be Emotionally Happy

Cycling makes you feel happy. Don’t you agree? How much you got happy when you learned to ride a cycle?

The feeling of nostalgia will make you happy and bring back the emotions and memories. It is a form of therapy which can save you from daily hassles of traffic, sitting in crowded public transport, or navigating in congested roads. All the negative emotions created from such situations are absent in the case of cycling. If you don’t face what makes you sad, you automatically remain happy and fresh while traveling to your office.

Even multiple studies have proved that cycling can:

  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your overall mood for the day

Boost Your Brain Performance

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This could sound strange, but it’s a proven fact that cycling can make you smarter. It is in correlation with the fact that exercise can improve your brain activity. Rich capillary beds are created in your gray matter by turning your cranks while cycling. With each pedal, nerve cells are forced and neurons light up.

It is also essential because as we grow up, our brain cells shrink, which can only be protected by exercising. So, the adults who do cycling have sharper memory, more concentration, and sound problem-solving ability. Surely your cognitive abilities will enhance if you ride your bicycle to your workplace every day.

Save You a Fortune

Cycling can surely cut on the cost of transportation. It is just a one-time investment, and all it needs is your energy. You would no longer have to crib about petrol or diesel prices getting high or gas costs for that matter. You can buy a good bicycle in few hundred dollars, or you can rent it on a monthly basis. In both the cases, the prices would be lesser than those of going by a private or public vehicle. And your bicycle would not need expensive maintenance or servicing.

The cycle does not demand parking charges. How sweet! And you can travel as much as you want at no extra cost. You need not go to the gym and spend money on fitness as the cycle can make you fitter than ever before. So, you can save more money while burning the fats.

Explore the Area

You can get really good at remembering roads or at least become a great navigator. You are self-dependent and responsible for choosing your path. This makes you feel like an explorer, who would love to go the extra mile and check out the new coffee shop or a bookstore. You are self-sufficient and able to decide your own route to work or while coming back from work.

You will become street smart and will feel the ambiance of your city and become close to nature. This is not possible by sitting in the car or bus and reading a newspaper or checking your phone. You are engaged in an activity, which is making you smarter and showing you different scenes to explore the city.

Safer than Ever

Cycling can become the safest option of commuting if there are more cyclists on the road. According to a study, the accident cases due to bicycles or those involving bicycles are much less than those due to any other vehicle. So, cycling is definitely a safe vehicle to go for.

You can increase the safety by suggesting it to your colleagues and your friends. This way there would be a number of cyclists on the road to work, and you will be far away from the probability of meeting an accident as in the case of a bike or a car.

You are a Free-bird

This is my favorite benefit. Cycling gives you freedom. It sets you free from considering everyone’s schedule. You are independent and your own master. You need not wait for a bus or miss the bus if you get late by minute or two. You need not worry about your driver reaching late at work. This feeling of freedom came right when you got rid of those training wheels while learning the bicycle.

Can you recall that joyful moment?

That’s the best feeling. And the worst feeling is waiting for hours in the traffic jams or parking blocks that make you feel like a prison. You are free to:

  • Choose a different route
  • Stop at places those interests you
  • Hurry when you want to
  • Explore the neighborhoods when you get a half-day from office.

You are on your own, make most of it.

Our View to Cycling


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The above listed are just a few of the many benefits witnessed of cycling to work. You can have much more fun and make friend with another bicyclist along the way. Cycling can save your time that you waste in traffic jams, make you the fittest version of yourself, increase your mental and emotional strength and make you self-sufficient and free.

It can make you much more productive at work and improve your overall lifestyle. So, don’t think much and own a bicycle to ride it at work.

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