How To Buy A Perfect Women’s Bicycle In The United States?

Buying women’s bicycle in the United States and not sure about whether to choose an aluminum or carbon frame, we will explain here all the tips on selecting your road bike. So you can take all the important decisions silky when you’re at the bike shops.

For every woman, Bike shopping is an exciting moment and unforgettable experience; it’s enhancing your life’s comfort, so it is obvious that it shouldn’t be taken lightly as you are buying your first bike and selecting in a hurry takes you to the wrong way and limit your enjoyment of riding your bike.

So look for a great local bike store in the US that avail you all the bike information and resources on the cycling needs. The bike store should be well known because that makes it easy to choosing the right bike as per your needs.

1. Choose the Right Bike

There are numerous varieties valuable for the bikes, including several types of hybrid bikes. The most well known are described here-

Comfort Bikes

As their name, they are preferred by the people who want comfort during riding their bike; the bikes support the upright handlebars. These types of bike are normally for leisure use and for fun riding as visiting the near store, park. They are specialized in wide seats attached with shock absorbers and for the extra amount of comfort.

The features include:

  • Shock absorbers in the fork or seat
  • High handlebars
  • Soft and wide seat

Mountain Bikes

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If you are a fan of following the rugged tracks, then this bike is a must, its main features are the knobby tires that are excellent for off-road, high handlebars and a slim saddle. Mountain bikes are the best to give the rider a maximum amount of control over the rides even on the toughest terrain.

The main features are:

  • Knobby, wide tires
  • Narrow width saddle
  • Riser or flat handlebars
  • Shock-absorption

Road Bikes

The faster bikers prefer these bikes who want serious mileage. The bikes are special for lightweight and unlike the mountain bikes; these bikes promote skinny tires and a thin seat. The bike allows for bent position for the riding position which mainly is an aerodynamic feature. These Road bikes tend to be the most expensive bikes due to the heavy performance. So, there are mostly for passionate cyclists that prefer the low-rise handlebars for the aerodynamic position. However, these are not suitable for the riders who don’t consider bending low as a good option.

Fitness Bikes

These are used to enhance anyone’s fitness; these bikes can be categorized by the slim tires, and same as the road bikes, these also have a narrow seat. The overall bike frame feels lightweight that includes the straight handlebars. Fitness bikes are mainly used for burning up the calories by simply just riding the bike. The bikes provide a comfortable feel and the weight is somewhat extra in comparison to the road bikes.  Also, these bikes are budget friendly.

2. Find a Good Bike Shop

The first and most essential thing is to find the right bike shop. You pay for the bike so you deserve to have the best bike and the finest bike shop includes all the well-known bikes. These shops keep the Bikes properly assembled and include add-ons according to your needs.

3. Decide your Riding Goals

It is an important step; it will narrow the varieties of the bike as per your needs. You can decide which types of bike suits as whether you’re an enthusiastic cyclist then you should provide deep attention on the bike’s specification, though, it can charge you more money. It will be okay to buy a comfort bike if you want to buy for your relaxed ride.

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One thing that you should remember, you never go with the price and always look for the specifications first and then choose among them. So take a look on your bike’s features and then take the decision. Always think about what you want to achieve from the bike and ask whether the bike offers those characteristics or not.

4. Avoid Cheap Bikes

Don’t look for the Inexpensive bikes, they do nothing but leave you with a lot of maintenance every month or earlier. Also, they don’t include any special riding features and limit your riding fun. Spending approx $300 or more can get you a good bike. The bike less than these dollars can weigh seven or eight pounds more and also, they don’t come as per different body sizes. So, they are not going to be a great fit.

5. Consider the Accessories

Don’t take the accessories lightly; they are really great to give you an excellent riding experience. A rider should always have the add-ons like helmet, cycling shoes with cleats to increase your effectiveness while pedaling. These are the essential ones for your cycling needs. Gloves absorb vibrations and help to protect your hands and Polycarbonate glasses shield your eyes from the dust and the bugs. To stay hydrated, always have a water bottle with you.

Brief Look on Accessories

  • Brakes: Some bikes have more than one type of brakes. The most general types of brakes re V-brakes or linear-pull brakes, cantilever brakes caliper brakes. For a higher performance, go with disc brakes are a good option. The bike shops charge you about $100 extra for discs brakes.
  • Handlebars: The more High-rise the handlebars are the more you sit upright if you want to bend, choose the low-rise handlebars. This bend allows an aerodynamic position. Handlebars can be changed according to the rider’s choice.
  • Saddle: There are many types such as narrow, broad and rigid, supple. You can get a different saddle form as per your needs. The narrow and firm seats come with the road and the mountain bikes to enhance the control over the bike and also you won’t face difficulty in changing the riding position and pedal efficiently.
  • Helmet: It is a must-have accessory that provides safety in several minor and major accidents, helmets protect the heads well.
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6. Finally, Take a Test Ride

Now, you are almost decided for the bike and all the add-ons are done. It’s time to take a test ride before finalizing the bike to make sure everything is working well like:

  • The brakes and shifters are easy to use or not
  • The fit is comfortable or not
  • The gears work properly

7. Brands to Be Considered

Here are some women’s bike brands having the best specifications:

  • Scott Contessa Speedster 15: It is the best bike for the specifications and the price as well. The bike tends to be more precise and smooth and also a weigh less bike. All the brake and gear system run inside the bike frame for a sleek finish.
  • Specialized Dolce Elite Equipped: It is available in five frame sizes, riders can choose accordingly, it provides a relaxed ride without feeling slow.
  • Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Dama: It provides the lovely classic color and a sporty frame design. The bike is a mix of Shimano Tiagra and the FSA parts with the sporty San Marco SPID Glamour saddle.
  • Eddy Merckx AFX-1: The bike comes in a 40cm frame; it’s a stunning bike having super solid and reliable Shimano R501 wheels.
  • Jamis Ventura Race Femme: The bike is a mixture of carbon glamor to your ride; it is a great value for the money for women’s road bike. There is carbon fiber tubing at the rear end to reduce shock and vibration; it is a lightweight frame too.

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