How To Commute To Your Workplace With A Bike?

Switching the everyday travel from the mode of travel like cars to other sustainable transport means such as walking, public transport like buses and metros or bikes is a better way to commute to the workplace. Using bikes does not only help to reduce pollution but is also beneficial for the individual’s health. It provides a good workout if one misses on their gym or daily exercise.

The benefits that one can avail by using the bike for traveling will help them to lower their insurance costs and create a happier as well as engaged workforce as they will remain more healthy, fit and fresh. The problems of traffic too can be avoided in the morning as bikes can help you to reach quickly because it is more efficient and occupies less space on the road while driving.

Riding a bike to the workplace is also encouraged by many companies and for this, they offer various grants and allowances. It keeps the environment clean as well as a person can be free from sickness.

How Does Commuting to the Workplace with a Bike Become a Beneficial Mode to Commute?

Enhanced Skill to Draw and Maintain a Skilled Workforce is a Company’s New Strategy:

Many companies have started to work on attractive bike parking, benefits that can be given to an employee who commutes with a bike and many such other strategies are used by a company to promote the use of bikes. This helps to attract and maintain the skilled personnel as well new employees are attracted to work with the company. Many companies purposely grant various offers to those employees who come to work on bikes.

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Minimize the Cost Incurred to Maintain Health:

  • The first priority of any individual is to stay healthy.
  • One can easily achieve this if he takes the bike to work.
  • People who use bikes to commute to their workplace are able to stay more fit and healthy.
  • This minimizes their chances to catch any disease or fall sick as they remain fit.
  • Even if he misses out workout then by biking to their workplace, they can cover up their workout loss.

At times when he gets late for work and has to cut down the time of exercising in order to reach their workplace then, the bike provides them the exercise they missed.

Enhances Productivity as Low Absenteeism is Possible:

The productivity of an individual gets upgraded. He remains healthier and is able to take proper health care, which results in his low absenteeism. Because of this, there is a rise in his productivity. A healthy employee is able to remain happy, which leads him to work in a more efficient manner. A healthy employee offers highly efficient service to employers and customers. This is easy when you encourage biking to work for all employees.

Low-Cost Charged for Parking:

The costs charged for parking a bike is much less than what is charged for parking cars. In fact, many retail businesses allow space for 10-15 bike capacity in front of their retail shops because they feel that it somehow works as a strategy to attract more people towards their store. The prices that are quoted for parking a bicycle is always low everywhere than those quoted to park cars and other modes of transport.

How to Commute to the Workplace Using a Bike?

1. Search a Safe and a Satisfying Path

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Do not always presume that the path you take to drive to your workplace is the perfect route for biking too.

  • Frequently the most appropriate bike path involves back lane or side routes, which might turn your ride a little longer but will be safer and pleasant.
  • Be realistic and honest with yourself.
  • Try and figure out the most suitable path to your workplace with the help of a bike map.
  • If you do not have a map, then you can either ride your bike on a nonbusy day or find out the way yourself.
  • You may observe that the path to the workplace is more trafficked in the morning as well as in the afternoon, and so you may need to look for different routes to and from workplace while biking.
  • You can even choose to buy a folding bike, which you can take along with yourself while traveling in a bus or a metro if your speed is not up to mark as required to reach your workplace on time.

2. Take a Test-Run on the Path Chosen When There is Less Traffic

Just in case if you have only yet decided to take a bike to your work and have not yet purchased one then make sure that you borrow a bike from your neighborhood and take it for a test-run before you purchase one for yourself. A test-run will give you a clear idea regarding what type of bike you will need to commute to your workplace.

  • Try and look for every possible alternate route to reach your workplace.
  • Shun the lanes where there are excessive potholes or junk.

3.  Find a Place to Lock Your Bike When You are at Work

The easiest way to find out a place to lock your bike is to ask simply the manager or supervisor of your firm. They will suggest you an appropriate to park your bike. Ask your manager or supervisor. There are chances that there is a closet or a storage area where the manager will allow you to park your bike for a day or two till you find any other parking area.

  • If this is not possible, then search a lane where you think parking your bike will be safe.
  • If you lock your bike to a traffic sign, then there are chances that a thief can unlock the sign and steal your bike away.
  • Use an effective lock to lock your bike.

4. Attain a Bike if You Have yet Not Purchased One

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Search and find out a neighboring bike shop. You will find many knowledgeable people there who will provide you proper guidance regarding what to buy. You can discuss your requirements with them and then they will suggest you the most suitable bike, which you should purchase.

Go for bikes that are reasonable or available at discounted rates, which suit to your comfort that you may be looking for. If you decide to purchase an expensive bike, it will give you a smoother ride but along with the smooth ride, it will always keep you worried as to what if any thief stole it from the parking lot.

5. Acquire the Best Lock in Order to Guard Your Bike from Theft

Obtain the best lock that you can get for your bike in order to keep it safe. Try and avoid the use of cables as the wires are easy and quick to cut, the locks, which require combination code to unlock the bike and the locks, which require a cylindrical key to open it.

Obtain the best lock for your bike, which will help you to remain stress-free and unworried regarding the issue of its theft.

6. Carry out a Proper Research to Know about the Biking Laws of Your Locality

  • It is important to be aware of all the biking laws that apply to your locality in order to stay safe and in the limits of laws and regulations.
  • In many areas, the laws and regulations that apply to bikes are same as to those that apply to motor vehicles.
  • At times if you ride on the pavement might increase the possibility that you bump into something or someone but along with it, you may even get a traffic ticket too.
  • In some areas, there may be a law, which requires your bike to get it registered, follow it and register your bike.

7. Learn to Repair Your Bike Yourself if Something Goes Wrong with It

There are few problems, which you can face while riding a bike. You will always be ready to face them once you learn how to repair them yourself. Problems with a flat tire, unchained brake cable, loose fitted seat post, or a loose handlebar, a disturbed wheel, or few other small adjustments or issues may come up while you are riding your bike.

  • Always try to carry a small, lightweight toolkit with yourself. Involve metric Allen wrenches that will fit the bolts, a screwdriver to adjust or fix the screws, and/or a multi-use tool particularly designed for bikes.
  • A pair of latex, disposable plastic or rubber gloves should also be included in the toolkit because it is difficult to remove the grease from the hands once you reach the workplace. The grease on your hands may make you look unpleasant.
  • Try to keep a spare tube along with you if possible because sometimes repairing the flat tire may take much time, which will result in reaching your work late. It is advisable to keep a spare tube for on-the-spot repairs and fixes. Instead, you can choose to purchase “flat free” tubes or “tire liners” too.
  • If you plan to commute every day to your work by using a bike, then you should definitely acquire puncture free tires. They are completely worth against the price they charge.

8. Take Proper Security Measures while Riding Your Bike

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Always make sure that you keep a proper distance between your bike and the parked cars. One of the most common accidents that a cyclist faces is that he runs into an unexpectedly opened car door.

Do not take any rapid turns or merge in or out of the running traffic. Keep your pace and your direction steady and constant so that other drivers can know your position. Use your hand to give signals to indicate the direction where you will take a turn that is either left or right. You can even incorporate electric turn signals in your bike.

  • It is necessary that you give signals regarding the direction you will turn in. it is not only vital for your safety buy is equally important for the safety of other drivers as well.
  • It is advisable to slow down when there is traffic rather than speeding up.
  • If you do not low down your pace, then it may be dangerous for you and others as well.
  • If the road is wide enough and it has much space then always let the cars behind you pass first.
  • Take proper caution when you are riding in rains. Stopping your bikes and applying brakes will be difficult on the slippery roads.
  • Few car drivers do not use indicators to indicate where they will turn. At that time look for other signals they may give in order to avoid any accident.

9. Plan Properly to Keep your Things

You will need a basket or something in, which you can carry your things to your workplace. You will need something in, which to carry your work items. There are many kinds of bike carriers or baskets to carry luggage.

  • Backpacks or messenger packs can be used for the same. But these packs lack the airflow against the body, which might make you sweat more in the summers or other hot days.
  • Fix a strap with your bag around your waist or ribs that will avoid your bag from shifting when you pedal.

In order to look smart while riding the bike, you can roll your sleeves up. If you fold your shirt, then it will carve crease on your shirt, which will make you look unpleasant at your work.

10. Choose to Wear Riding Clothes and Other Safety Things while Commuting

Mostly in cities bikes are not easily adjusted on the roads, and the drivers are not allowed to share the lane they ride in. there are many people who feel safer when they ride a bike wearing a helmet. A bike helmet guards your head if you fall down. It will even make you look more visible on the roads to the other drivers while riding. It even protects your head if you have to face an unfortunate crash

  • If your helmet gets destroyed in a crash, then it is advisable to throw it away because the cracks in it can harm your head or eyes, which will be more fatal. Instead, buy a new one.
  • It is a smart decision to avoid wearing your work clothes while riding the bike if the weather is uncertain or humid. Some even get special clothes designed for the rainy days.
  • Usually, what are you choosing to wear has a direct connection with your comfort and budget. But it is advisable to be precautious for bad weather days.
  • Generally, what you wear depends on your budget and comfort, but during bad weather, it’s important to be prepared. Water resistant gloves, ponchos, and few such things should always be kept in stock.
  • Search for jackets, which have ventilating zippers in them under the arms of the sleeve.
  • Cover your seat too with plastic to keep it water resistant or get a seat cover to keep your seat waterproof.
  • If you do not have waterproof pants, then the overshoes and water resistant socks do not prove to be any useful.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that can get stuck in the chain or the wheels of the bicycle.
  • Make sure that you insert the strings of the lace inside your shoe so that nothing gets stuck inside the chainring when you pedal.

11. Append Your Bike with Things You May Need

Adding some extra things to the bike will create a big difference in the quality of the ride given by the bike while you ride it.

  • Choose to fix fenders to the bike to avoid the puddles from splashing water on your bicycle as well as on your body to prevent your bike and clothes from getting dirty.
  • Spend in fenders, which are made of stainless steel.
  • Although they are heavy in weight, they are best as well as highly durable.
  • Other than using the stainless tell fenders you can choose for fenders that are made of aluminum bond to plastic.
  • Polycarbonate fenders are also not bad, but their quality is not comparatively high.
  • One should invest in comfortable seats but make sure that the ones that you choose are not very big in size.
  • If the seat is more padded than it is not necessary that it is highly comfortable, if the saddle is very soft then it can cause numbness, which will become a problem.
  • Use different saddles to find out the one that is best suitable for you.
  • Avoid gel-padded seats as they break down and create a huge mess, which is not affordable by a rider.
  • Get a mirror fixed to the bike. You can either fix the mirror on the handlebars or your helmet or on your glasses.
  • If not all, then get at least one from them to get a rear view image of your back.
  • Sometimes you might have to ride even in the dark.
  • In order to take precautionary measures for such situations choose to fix lights in the bicycle.
  • This will give you a clear vision of roads while you ride the bike.
  • Even in some countries it is illegal to ride in the dark without the lights.
  • Fix a white light in the front of your bike and a red on the rear of the bike.

LED technology has introduced efficient lights, which are available at low prices. Look for rechargeable batteries like AA or AAA for the light, which can be changed. The lights, which can be charged are quite expensive, but they generate bright light required to ride in the dark.

You can even buy a full bike bag to cover your bike at nights or when not in use if you feel unsafe in locking your bikes without any cover on it. The full-bike bag will allow you to roll your bike, its wheel, and everything so that you can take it inside your house.

These bags are very light in weight approximately around 5 pounds and can easily be carried in a bag pack or any other bag. If your building has a security guard then asks them to look properly after your bike.

12. Stick to the Idea of Taking Bike to Your Workplace

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You might feel extremely exhausted in the initial days. Your legs too may become sore for the initial days or weeks but do not give up so easily. Stick to the plan of commuting to your work on a bike. You will get used to it eventually, and once you are used to it, then you will feel the improvement in your body and leg muscles too.

Enjoy the scenery along with the ride in the pleasant air every day. In this way, you can avoid spending on the gyms and save money there and choose for working out in a better way by taking bikes to your workplace.


It is a good plan to take up biking for work. It is not only beneficial for the individual rider but also for the environment of the locality. This will help you to cut down various costs like health care costs, travel costs, pollution costs, work out costs and much more. One can adopt workout too if he/she commutes to his workplace using a bike.

Riding a bike is more enjoyable and pleasurable than riding a car. It only has plus points. The cons of taking a bike to work are almost negligible as compared to its pros. One should definitely take a bike to the workplace as it also helps to stay fit and healthy.

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