How To Get Back To Cycling After A Time Off?

If you recently got back to cycling, we welcome you to get back on the bike again! The freedom of cycling cannot be compared to any other feeling. It is rightly said by someone that passion for bikes never dies. But getting back to cycling after a long time will take a little time to adjust back again to cycling.

Most of the people who get back to cycling after a long break think that they can jump on the seat and ride the bike as same old days. But one should not deny that only a few of them is in the perfect shape as they were before. You should accept that your body is not that much fit. So take a time to adjust your fitness level to ride again. Once you achieve your fitness level, everything will be streamlined afterwards.


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You should look at the following aspects after getting back to the cycling.

These aspects might have changed when you have just come back to cycling, and these are as follows:

1. The Gain in Weight

This is the most common problem that one has to face when the person has returned to cycling after a period of time. Weight often increases if you are just sitting at home and eating the same or more then you ate while you were cycling before. Cycling is a critical and important exercise that will not let the body get the weight but once you took an off, you will surely gain that excess of fats. But don’t let this hindrance stop you. Take a hard step ahead and keep on cycling. This will cut that excess fat that you gained, and you will be back in shape after few weeks of cycling.

2. Lost Fitness

If you were a professional and a racer before, then you must be looking back that “how to fit you use to be” and comparing yourself to the current fitness condition. you have to start again from the scratch to get back your fitness level like before.

This is the disadvantage of leaving the cycling that you have to start from all over again. Sometimes persons might get demotivated by comparing their fitness level but always be patient while coming back. Try to work hard and achieve your fitness level back again.

3. Lose in Skills

When you return back to cycling after a long period of time, then your skill level set will come almost to zero. For instance, if you are climbing a hill then you must be feared of the slopes and other dangers which you never felt riding before. So, this time, you must descend slowly to eradicate the risk factor. This time, you might be terrified while riding in traffic. This happens almost with everyone. You need not fear about these things. Your skill sets will come back again, but all you need is practice and patience.

4. Train Less during the Week

As with time, life becomes busier and hectic. It’s not just the age but priorities also changes with time. Due to lesser time to focus on cycling you have to train smart. You can attain all of your skills and fitness level back by training smart. These are some of the tips that you can follow to train smart:

  • You should be very much consistent
  • You have to slightly up your intensity
  • You have to ride on the hills more often
  • You have to get long rides each weekend

If there are the things that have changed with time, then there are various other aspects that have also remained unchanged and are same as it uses to be before. Let us have a look at these aspects.

5. Your Bike Position and Style


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This is an age old saying that “style never vanishes”. No matter how long you have been laid off from the cycling, once you get back on the bike, you will feel that your position and style is still the same as it used to be. This is funny that you will get back your position and style in no time. But let this thing not fool you as we have discussed earlier that you are not fit enough that you were before.

6. The Competitiveness in You

If you have always been competitive, then you will notice that your competitiveness is still there inside you. Let this competitiveness act as a fuel and you should take advantage of it. Racing uphill with a friend is real fun while cycling. It will serve as an add-on to your passion, and you will get back to the riding soon.

7. The Training Frequency and Recovery of the Body

First, few sessions of training might exhaust you but after a month of consistent training, you will feel that your body is recovering at the same pace as it uses to be before. Our body tends to accept the changes but never recovering ages. So be consistent at the training and recover fast. You also have to take care that you should not push your body off limits. Take proper rest and diet while recovering.

8. The Blueprint of the Training

The blueprint of your training schedules and tips that you adopted previously should always remains in the mind. You will get to know this thing while returning back to the training. These are default actions that our mind remembers regardless of age and time. It will accelerate your return and help you in many ways.

9. Experience

All those years that you have spent cycling had made you learn many things. Now, this time, you know what to do and what not to do. This is the benefit of experience. If you were a racer before then, your experience would help you to know and understand the things faster and smoother. It is always the experience that counts.

10. Passion for Cycling


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“Passion never dies” it is rightly said. If you are passionate about cycling, then there is no force can stop you to get back what you have lost in all those years?

These are some of the aspects that will help you to return. For more details and help you can write to us.

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