What Makes Drinking Lemon So Important For Pro Cyclists

If you’re a professional cyclist, cycling is a regular and an important role in your daily life. In order to increase your performance level, you have to do cycling for several minutes at a time. During these long rides, it won’t be okay if you feel out of energy, as it’s not funny for you; it is about your training. It normally happens that during long races and high temperatures, cyclists can sweat 2 to 4 liters per hour, this requiring them to consume from 10 to 20 liters of liquid per day, it depends on the climate condition and the race duration.

Regaining the Energy as a Pro Cyclist

The pro cyclists sweat a lot during cycling and drinking water isn’t enough to rehydrate the body and to regain the energy. This sweat process takes sodium with it about 400 to 800 mg per liter. A sports drink can be consumed to regain your lost energy and the lost electrolytes. But when we talk about something more natural, it is nothing that can be better than a lemon drink.

A glass full of lemon juice contains 25 calories. Lemon is rich in potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. It also has antibacterial properties, iron and vitamin A. Lemon is mainly popular for its healing properties, it has several advantages as it helps improve your immune system and this way it protects from most types of infections.

Lemon is also known as a blood purifier; it is a wonderful antiseptic, and it works excellently for people having heart problems because of its potassium properties. Drinking a glass of lemon juice as your daily routine is very beneficial for your health improvement.

So, staying hydrated is essential for any pro cyclist as our bodies are made largely from water, so for being hydrated for longer durations and boost your performance rank, It’s recommended to add this lemon drink in your exercise routine.

Health Benefits of Lemon for Pro Cyclists

lemon and cycling

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Here, we are presenting a detailed explanation of the benefits of the lemon drink that a pro cyclist can receive by consuming it every day:

1. Immunity Booster

The lemon is high in Vitamin C that helps in giving an improved immunity. Drinking lemon water brilliantly fights with the viral infections that your body is facing. The Lemon’s natural antibacterial properties such as citric acid, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, these all help promote a healthy immune system and clash infections.

2. Rich in Potassium; Say Bye to Blood Pressure Issues

Lemon is rich in Potassium, which is a great agent in keeping your heart health, brain, and nervous system active. Potassium helps to improve the cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure in the body. If any person includes some extra potassium in his diet, it helps him reducing the chances of developing blood pressure issues. Finally, your body will be more efficient in delivering the nutrients to your muscles during training or cycling.

3. Have a Healthy Gut

The lemon is a fruit which is full of nutrients, and the nutrients help you improve your digestion and keep you safe from any unnecessary particles in the body, this way lemon keeps you from indigestion and heartburn. So flushing out the toxins promotes the functioning of the liver and as a result, it produces more bile which helps out the body to break down the food.

The acids presents in lemon encourage processing the nutrients of foods more slowly, this way the insulin levels remain steady, and we get more nutrients in our body.

4. Trims down Inflammation

Lemon not only helps with flushing out the bad toxins, but it also decreases uric acid build up where we have joints where inflammation occurs. The healthy joint is a must thing for the cyclists in order to complete their training and increase performance as the lemon also helps to reduce the knee inflammations.

5. The pH Balance

We always read that lemons are highly acidic because of the citric and ascorbic acid, it is true, but once we digest it, the lemon doesn’t remain any acidic. Lemons help maintain our pH levels more alkaline which is great not to develop serious diseases. The pH balance is great for providing a clearer skin because it helps purify the blood, similarly for reducing blemishes you can add lemon to your water.

This way Lemon Juice makes you look better From the Inside as it helps with pimples, wrinkles and skin deficiencies. It adds sparkle to your skin. So, instead of having a mug full of coffee that will make you more acidic, consume a tumbler full of lemon water when you wake up.

6. Get Rid of Extra Pounds

Regularly consuming the lemon drink helps you greatly in losing the extra pounds of your weight. Lemons contain pectin, which is a fiber that normally exists in fruits. This Pectin helps you feel full for longer durations and this way you’ll consume less throughout the day.

Lemon helps you even when you feel mildly dehydrated; this helps you keeping the headaches, fatigue, and bad mood away, so drinking up lemon water helps your body stay hydrated and you mood happy.

7. An Alternative

Most of the athletes and pro cyclist accomplish their hydration requirement from the hydration drinks. It will be good if you feel bored by drinking these artificial hydrations, try something natural with the pure water is the healthiest thing to drink with a squeeze of lemon.

8. Dissolves Phlegm

Lemon contains Citric acid that helps dissolve phlegm as it is also rich in Vitamin C and K that helps with a cough and colds to provide an athlete a better respiration system.

9. Improves Eyesight

As it is rich in vitamin C also which helps the eyesight positively, provides good vision and prevents from several eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataract.

Tips and Advice on Drinking Lemon

lemon and cycling

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Take care of tooth decay

Always drink watery lemon or after adding it to water as the Lemon is an acidic fruit and this can cause you tooth decay. So, avoid drinking it without adding water, also make sure not to drink it before or after brushing your teeth. Follow the tip to ignore any negative effects of lemon drink.

Don’t take too much

Lemon juice help to thin your blood, it is a good thing, but too much thin blood is not good. Too thin blood can’t clot efficiently if you have a cut in future, and this makes your blood keep flowing, which causes you to lose more blood than normal. 2-4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a glass of water are enough to get you all its benefits without thinning the blood to an extreme level.

Lowers Stress Level

Whenever you take stress your vitamin C gets used up, so drinking a glass of lemon water regularly will help you getting down the stress level and refill the lost vitamin level.


So, these are the most excellent advantages of drinking lemon for pro cyclists. It is very effective to prevent from several physical problems that occur due to workout or any physical activities. It improves your athletic performance drastically and reduces the risk of injury. Learn more about all that you need for pro cycling.

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