Tapering Tips You Need To Know Before An Important Cycling Race

Finally, you are ready for a cycle racing and needs few tips on it may be for school level or national level cycle race you must go with few tips which are must know. Specifically, if you want to be a winner not in a context with numbers it should be inside you that you are a winner.

When you go these few tips, you will feel from your inner soul that you win the race even if you lose one. It may happen initially but if you win over yourself, then time will come soon for you to win a cycle race as well.


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Tapering To Win

For winning, you should know about tapering. If you are new to cycling and aiming for winning a race on a national level, then you should be aware of tapering. It is a fundamental rule for cycle racers, and professionals are aware of it flawlessly.

  • So if you want to reach the pinnacle, then you need to start from the underneath level of cycling. Tapering is nothing else but the planning of a week or two before starting a race. You need to follow some nutrients filled diet, exercise and practice sessions as well as rest sessions. Yes, you got it right rest sessions, and it is a necessity like the others.
  • Let us start with nutrients you should intake before any kind of cycle racing. Since in cycling, it requires efforts and employs a hell of lots of energy, so you need to render your body the same in the form of nutrients. It doesn’t matter anymore what you like to eat or what you dislike. What matters is your need at the time of racing to be a true winner.
  • It compromises of balancing your life routine with cycling with having a legitimate and balanced diet. It should consist of a healthy diet which is not having too much of fat as well as having proper proteins with required fibers. It should include vitamins as well to furnish your proper strength.
  • There are various dietician facilities available nowadays to tell you about proper diet management according to your weight and need of energy. It is completely your choice to choose one appropriate for you or else decide your diet according to your needs on your own which can be best to start initially.
  • Tapering is also having a proper diet at right time interval with maintaining your body sugar level and other energy needs with resting. After deciding on a balanced diet of your next is to take it on a fix and precise time period. It is a must to include in your cyclic plan and make it a habit as well.
  • The gap in between your food intake can be of two hours; then it will turn into accurate energy which is a must for any cyclist and for you as well. Next is practice and exercise sessions which are the utmost importance and requires the most focus.
  • You can plan your daily practice according to your need and time you can grant to it but last week will be the most crucial and you cannot follow the same routine. You need to change it for making your cycle racing a triumph. A win over your fear of losing the race, a win over your insecurities and be confident.
  • Summers are the best time to start coaching for cycling as this is the time usual you are having free time and can give proper attention to cycling and related techniques including a balanced diet, proper timings of rest, hours of cycling in a day and most importantly taper before main competition or better to say cycle racing.
  • This is the best time for few other reasons moreover. It is a time when most of the aspirants who want to be a cyclist start their journey with the proper coaching of some professional cyclist and you can learn their techniques as well as few tips from a professional cyclist.
  • When you get two benefits from doing one thing, then it is something which you should not miss. Now after learning tips of cycling you are ready for your big day and that is the race cycle day but if you are absolutely new to cycle racing, and it will be you first cycle race, then there are few things to consider.

Tapering Tips – Weekly Schedule

Maybe daily you have done practice for three to four hours, but as the race is after a week now, then you need to stop and follow some rules of tapering. Since you are new and not a professional you need to rest more than a professional cyclist. If you do more rest then how you will come up with racing should be a question coming in your mind.

Monday Tapering

For that answer, only you should be aware of tapering. Suppose your racing day is on Sunday which is usually a day for racing then we will start from Monday. On Monday, you will do complete rest and no cycling at all. Remember you are taking rest from cycling only and not from your other activities.

Other activities may be jogging or exercising in some other manner. These activities should keep on going and shouldn’t be interrupted. It is because your body is used to it and also because it shouldn’t stop completely. So you will take rest from your cycling only.

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Tuesday Tapering

On next day, that is Tuesday you will do your daily activities as well as cycling but for limited hours. It is ordinarily for an hour specifically for a new cyclist. Here you need to take care of one thing, and that is you will do cycling with judicious speed. It is essential as this week is a tapering week and you need to give your body rest.

Wednesday Tapering

Wednesday will be similar to Monday you will not do any cycling but will do only your daily activities.

Thursday Tapering

It is a day which is quite important of all days of resting. On this day, you need to do cycling practice for two to three hours and need to keep on eating and drinking in between. You need to do your cycling at a steady rate and should not make too much effort.

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Friday Tapering

As important tapering days are at its peak and started from Thursday you need to do the practice of cycling around for an hour or quite less but at a high speed which you have planned to go to your racing. You should not forget about your daily routine that will keep on going.

Saturday Tapering

Saturday is the day before the racing day and on this day, you need to switch in between steady speed and fast speed at some time interval. It will be with daily routine as usual, and now you are ready for you cycle race and need to do it with confidence.

Sunday is the main day of your racing, and you should make up your mind before starting it. You should think calmly about your practice sessions and about your tapering days as well. Today is the day to be a winner in your own eyes and will try your best to win the race.

This tapering week was for the cyclist who are new cycle racers and for intermediate cycle racers. If you are not new-fangled and started your cycling from a quite long time, then this will not be your schedule of tapering. Only Monday and Wednesday will be the resting day and Tuesday will also be similar to newcomers but other days will be quite different.

Thursday Tapering for Intermediate Cycle Racer

On Thursday you need to do more practice from newcomers and on Thursday you will do cycling for around one and a half hour to two hours. You will do it at a steady speed as well as swap in between fast speed for two to five minutes with all the daily activities.

Friday Tapering for Intermediate Cycle Racer

Since you are an intermediate cyclist, you will go for cycling at high speed for an hour on this day and include your daily routine as well.

Saturday Tapering for Intermediate Cycle Racer

On this day, you will go cycling for an hour but with swapping your speed for few seconds in between and will also go for revival time of three to four minutes. Don’t forget to follow your daily routine.

With all these tapering steps there are different tips for an expert cyclist and may be an expert don’t need any advice on it since he is an expert already. If you are the one, then you can follow tapering steps of an intermediate cyclist with some changes.

It is not complete yet with all these tips you need to have a sound sleep and intake of food which is energy giving is also essential.

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