Top 10 Equipment That All The Road Cyclists Must Have

The bike as transport that aids not only distance coverage, but it also aids physical and mental health. Cycling for half an hour helps in:

  • Heart and legs exercise
  • Enjoyment of the surrounding

It takes you through roads where the car can’t reach. It is an adventure to rides a bike. The bikes of today can cost more than your car.

Cycling is a religion for the infatuated. All gears from wearing attire to maintenance are trend forming. At first glance all you need with a cycle is:

  1. Long short sleeve jersey
  2. Cycling shorts
  3. Cycling shoes
  4. Helmet
  5. Saddlebag
  6. Pump
  7. Emergency kit
  8. Toolkit
  9. Lock
  10. Water bottle and holder

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There is an advantage in owning specialized cycle specific jerseys. Technical fabrics give moisture precise properties. The sweat is absorbed by the body and transferred to the surface, and it quickly evaporates. The wearer does not become cold and damp even after stretched out bout of cycling. The comfort level of the material is immense.

The elongated front zipper permits in jersey to manipulate ventilation, and the temperature is monitored. The pockets extend favorable setting for:

  • wallets
  • gloves
  • Energy bars

The pockets are so placed that they do not rub against the legs as you pedal. Well, fitted jerseys sponge up quickly and don’t flap in the wind. Bright-hued and reflective piping increase visibility in the traffic.

Waterproof jerseys prevent water seepage, and even the water drops are repelled. However, the perspiration is evaporated with ease. Pit positions are comfortable at the underarm and once perspiration accumulates it automatically begins ventilation. A removable hood which fits under a helmet gives cushion comfort. It is a good feature, but all jerseys are not equipped with it.

Wind shells have the following properties:

  • Light in weight
  • Thin material
  • Fabric breathable
  • Reflective for traffic safety from dawn till night. Hues like yellow and orange more reflective even in haze
  • Convertible jacket, zip off sleeves use as a vest
  • Back pocket for storage and does not interfere with pedaling
  • Men and women variation in the attire

These clothing can be purchased from bike shops, departmental stores as well as from road safety outlets.

Bike explicit shirts are so constructed that you can carry your food, mobile and other puny equipment in the pocket. The material of the clothing is breathable. The lycra shorts are extremely comfortable. Your collection of shirts is decided by:

  • Budget
  • climate

Shirts can be:

  • Sleeveless
  • With short sleeve
  • With long sleeve
  • Rainproof

An ordinary T-shirt will not serve the purpose.

Cycling vests are the least significant items for the cyclists. Add a vest to arm warmers and you are geared for summer, early morning air ride; even sunset scenario and mountain environment is well tackled. Whenever you remove the vest, it fits into the jersey pocket with ease. The advantage is:

  • Wind cut off fabrics keep the chill away from the body and heat is curtailed
  • Mesh rear panel let go of extra heat as you pedal hard
  • Rear pockets good for carrying when wearing or storing the vest
  • Reflector addition keeps you safe from traffic hazards


The helmet should be purchased and used every time you cycle even though the law does not make it mandatory. It is for your own safety. The choice of the helmet should be based on fit with no gaps more so on style and cost. The riding style determines the structure of the helmet.

 A downhill mountain slope will make it necessary to wear full face motorbike type of helmet. Helmets lessen head injury. The helmets are classified as:

  • Normal helmet
  • Aero helmet
  • Entry level helmet
  • Middle range helmet
  • Top end helmet

Cost varies with your choice.

Saddle Bag

If you happen to travel long distances or do destination cycling keep your back bag light. Attach the bag to the saddle in such a way that it does not interfere with pedaling. Back bag will make you feel hot and restless. Carrier baskets are other option for you. Pony items or pet can be accommodated in it. You can place in the basket:

  • Change of cloth set
  • Books

Some baskets can be locked while others are open spaces.

Bike saddles can give rise to bum soreness or at extreme end prostrate. Saddles are to be purchased after a lot of deliberation. The purchase should be knowledge based. Well, framed saddles can help you ride in comfort. The factors that affect the saddle buying are:

  1. Sex of the rider
  2. Body structure
  3. Type of riding
  4. Riding method
  5. Riding choice

After selection, the saddle has to be fitted at the right angle and height. Some saddles are prepared from sheepskin. Some of the common saddles are:

  1. Racing saddles
  2. Comfort saddles
  3. Cruiser saddles
  4. Inflatable saddles with water or air
  5. Cushion saddles
  6. Other types like innovative ones

Saddle comfort is the most important factor to be considered.

Water Bottles with Holders

water bottles

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Fix a water bottle holder on your bike. If you happen to travel lengthy patches on your bike, you will need sips of water. The number of the holder is not limited to the single holder; you can clamp two or three holders to the cycle frame. If this is not possible use water bladders and store them in the backpack else in the saddle bag.

Bike Pumps

Bike pumps of modern times are user-friendly. The type of pump you require is dependent on the value in your tires. Inspect this before the purchase. The older version of the pump is equipped with a long tube fixed at one end to the pump. However, the new models the pump fits into the valve. These pumps cater to all types of bikes from road ones to the mountain cycles. Pressure range is stamped on the tire.

Tools Kit

The toolkit is a must. It should contain:

The cycle bag will carry this kit. It is then mounted to the seat. The kit should be compact and not a load to carry. The basic amenities of repair should be there.


If the cycle is to be left out, it must have a lock.  How and where you leave your bike will decide the function of the lock. The cost of the lock is not important. If you love your bike, then buy a good quality lock that is difficult to open. The range of the lock is variable, and a mid segment of the lock will serve the purpose.



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Night riding is very common. It thus becomes necessary to get front and back light fitted for good traffic sense. Reflectors are a must to alert traffic. Lights make you seen by others and light up your path as well. Forest riding requires a lot of illumination. Inspect your batteries prior to travel. Recharge periodically and keep an extra one handy. A segment of the lights is produced by the energy produced by your tire.

Computer and Other Accessories

Cycling computer and heart monitor are fast becoming part of the cycling gear; Gloves are a must for handle hand grip. They absorb vibrations and prevent numb hands. Uneven land like muddy roads or pavements does not injure the hands. Cycle accessories are many and varied, but some are a must.


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